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Bureaucratic Processes (or “red tape”) Made Easier For Those Companies Setting Up Business in Yucatan

State Legal Adviser, Sergio Cuevas Gonzalez, believes that the prevailing security and safety conditions as well as the recently installed Committee for Legal Guidelines/Control of the Regulatory Improvement Advisory Council will bring investment in Yucatan to a higher level. 

In an interview, Cuevas Gonzalez said, "In order to reach this objective, there is a need for an ongoing review as to what the requirements a company needs to comply with in order to set up a business, as well as the conditions that should be met to continue operating, and we will make such areas easier for them.”

He added that if we have simple procedures and conditions so that their business can operate quickly, "surely we will be able to have many more companies."

Conditions in Yucatan are a given, "security/safety is important but so too is making things easier by providing facilities for entrepreneurs," publishes Notimex.

"The function of the Committee for Legal Improvement of the State System of Regulatory Improvement is to review and formulate proposals for regulations, laws, and proceedings at all levels that have the possibility of improving the legal framework for this purpose," he noted.

He further pointed out that the inclusion of the Chambers of Commerce, the universities, and professional associations into this process is underway, and this process, along with government activities, allows for optimal conditions to be provided.

This civic agency/authority is a collective effort in modernizing the legal framework of the state as a unique form of integration at the national level, with the aim that the law be a feasible instrument as well as to enable a smooth transition.


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