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Mexico Ranks High on Best Places for Retiring Abroad

With more people eager to stretch their retirement dollars, retiring abroad is becoming a more attractive and feasible option, as the U.S. cost of living increases. While the dollar is not receiving as much purchasing power in the U.S., there’s no shortage of places abroad in which retirees’ dollars can go a long way.

International Living, an online publication detailing the best places in the world to retire, details the best places for retiring abroad in 2012. Not surprisingly, Mexico is mentioned frequently. Mexico offers retirees the best-value real estate, ease of cultural assimilation, a variety of activities, and fantastic weather year-round.

Idyllic, affordable locations in Mexico offer retirees some of the best real estate values in the world.

Mexico’s expat communities boast some of the largest of its kind with plenty of activities to keep retirees busy every day of the week, from catching a concert to snorkeling in aquamarine waters. Mexico’s biggest expat community, Lake Chapala, has over 80 interest groups in the surrounding area.

Lastly, first-class hospitals and clinics are widely available in Mexico and offer affordable health care. The staff is usually trained in the U.S. and provides excellent care. Warm year-round weather in Mexico also influences residents to lead a healthier lifestyle.


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