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Weather Observatories in Yucatan

Due to a series of unusual climate phenomena that put inhabitants at risk, such as rains, droughts and red tides experienced state-wide, the Yucatan government through the Department of Civil Protection (Direccion de Proteccion Civil, abbreviated Procivy in Spanish) installed six weather stations which will improve weather forecasts issued by the National Water Commission (Comi­sion Nacional del Agua, abbreviated CONAGUA in Spanish).  

The aim is to bolster research realized by academies in areas of climate change and global warming, making possible the predicting of local phenomena at any given moment.

This system is connected to the Yucatan government website, located at, where people can learn about the prevailing weather conditions at particular station sites, which are updated every 10 minutes, providing temperature and humidity levels, wind speed and direction, and atmospheric pressure.

Manuel Mora Ugalde, Director of Civil Protection, indicated that two of these units will be located in Merida and one each in Valladolid, Tizimin, Izamal and Celestun.

"We plan on expanding to 10 stations by the end of this Administration; these will give us the values or levels that would constitute a danger statewide, inasmuch as for extreme heat as for heavy rains," he noted.


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