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Be alert and keep an eye out if you are going to import your car

Know the new standards for the processing and formalities required in applying for the temporary vehicle import permit.

To expedite this formality (or paperwork), we recommend you take into account the following tips:

  • Residents in the border region of the country, owners of used vehicles definitively imported into these areas may apply for temporary admission (import) of such vehicles into the rest of the country
  • The documentation which you should have is:
    • documentation proving residency in the northern border region of the country
    • documentation proving your legal capacity/status
    • documentation proving the vehicle is imported definitively into the border region
  • The cost of processing the permit for your vehicle is $44.00 dollars plus IVA (the value added tax), whether you transact the permit at the border, with the consulate or via Internet
  • In all cases, regardless of your payment (cash or credit card), you must provide a guarantee (security deposit) for payment of tax credits that may be due for failure to return the vehicle or due to the commission of offenses under applicable law, such guarantee is to be made by means of a deposit which varies according to the model year of the vehicle, pursuant to the following table:

Model Year of Vehicle          

Guarantee Amount in Dollars

2007 and later


2001 to 2006


2000 and earlier


  • If your vehicle is not returned before the permit expires, this guarantee will be executed, even when the payment has been made by credit card. Remember that the permit is in effect and valid:
    • For a period of 180 days in one year; in this case, the six months are non-extendable and they will be calculated in multiple entrances and exits effected within a period of twelve months as of the first admission (import)
    • If you are a foreigner with a migratory status of tourist immigrant or non-immigrant, the validity of your permission will be equal to the validity of your migratory status, its extended time periods, extensions and renewals, as long as there is continuity in the same. You should take into account that you will have to present a notice to the customs authority within the 15 days following that date in which the extension time period, extension, renewal or change in migratory status is authorized, in order that  the guarantee (security deposit) you provided when processing your permit is not executed 
  • Prior to the issuance of the temporary import permit, BANJERCITO will conduct a query to ensure that your vehicle does not have a theft or accident report theft, or is restricted or prohibited from circulation in the United States or Canada.  Should this query indicate that the vehicle has a report for the reasons outlined above, it may not be temporarily imported
  • Upon the processing of your temporary import permit, it is your responsibility to verify the correct and proper recording of data included, such as the make, model, serial number and maturity period
  • If your vehicle was stolen or was in an accident in Mexico or the United States, or if it was sold or turned in for another vehicle - whether in the U.S. or Canada, the cancellation process must be apply for with the Central Administration of Customs Operation which is located at:

Av Hidalgo No. 77, Module IV, First Floor, Col. Guerrero, Delegacion Cuauhtemoc, CP 06300, Mexico, DF

For more information call INFOSAT (01 800 46 36 728 from the United States and from Canada 1 877 44 88 728, 24 hours a day) or direct an  email to:


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