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Program Geared Toward Drawing Up a Last Will and Testament

Luis Lopez Martin, chairman of the Board of Notaries of the State, reported at the presentation of the “September - Last Will and Testament Month " campaign that despite standing programs that exist for its promotion, drawing up a Last Will and Testament continues to be a taboo subject. 

The campaign, organized by the Office of Legal Affairs of the state government, together with the Notarial Archives and the Board of Notaries of Yucatan, offers the opportunity to process this document at a lower than customary price.

Legal counselor and advisor, board member Sergio Cuevas Gonzalez, explained that for the duration of this program, those interested in drawing up a Last Will and Testament may appear before any state notary and pay $1,000 pesos for drawing up an Open Public type of Will, which in actuality has a cost of more than $3,000 pesos.

As a way of encouraging the population to take advantage of this opportunity, Antonio Camino Mediz, director of the Notarial Archives, stated, "order is very costly, but disorder is even more so."

In a press conference given by the three officials held at the Notarial Archives of the State, Cuevas Gonzalez pointed out that this campaign is added to the "Inherit" campaign, which the state government is carrying out with notaries.

Lopez Martin stated that, despite a furtherance by the Executive branch, as of yet, there does not exist a strong culture for a Last Will and Testament in the Yucatecan society.

Gonzalez Cuevas added that the people of Yucatan persist in resisting drawing up their Last Will and Testament, seeing it as a cultural taboo, perhaps not realizing that a Last Will and Testament is a legal certainty, not only as far as the assets they own, but also as far as the legal rights that this entails.

For example, you can state in a Last Will and Testament to whomever you are transferring parental rights or the rights to equity shares in a business.  


Source: Diario de Yucatan


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