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Promotion of the Mayan World in the U.S.

The brand “Mundo Maya Mexico” (Mayan World, Mexico) will be the most in demand in the United States for 2012, being that due to Mayan prophecies American tourism has demonstrated great interest in travelling in and through the five states that comprise that zone of Mexico.

The Secretary of Tourism for the Federal Government, Gloria Guevara Manzo, accompanied by Governor Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, and the Governor of Campeche, Fernando Ortega Bernese, taking part in "Mexico Day" held in Houston, Texas, began promoting the great attractions of the country as part of the strategy for promoting the “Mundo Maya” (Mayan World), which seeks a foothold in the American market.

Fernando Ortega assures that on visiting the 17 Mayan archaeological sites open to the public that Campeche has to offer, more than any other state on a national level, one can enjoy a unique experience, of which Edzna and Calakmul stand out, and which are included in the program “Mundo Maya  Rumbo al 2012” (Mundo Maya Heading Into 2012 program).

The Campeche head-of-state held that his state, along with its rich cuisine and warmth which captivate the most discerning visitor, also has two sites declared as a Cultural World Heritage Site, is a Magical Town and a Dream spot rich in culture.

He emphasized that this promotion, in conjunction with the State of Yucatan, entails as an objective that more citizens from the neighboring country visit our tourist attractions such that Mexico and its states remain the principal travel destination for Americans.

In turn, the governor of Yucatan, Ivonne Ortega Pacheco, brought to mind that 2012 will be known as the Year of the Mayan Culture, and after listing the great natural and cultural wealth the state has to offer, indicated: "do not let them tell you about Yucatan, come discover it for yourselves.”

Really, she said, there are few places on the planet that one cannot forego knowing, embracing, visiting and feeling, and Yucatán is one of these. Dare to allow into your heart the spirit of the people who once built Chichén Itza, one of the new Wonders of the World.

The governor of Yucatan insisted that the Mayan culture will make its mark in 2012, and as such mentioned that the great Mayan civilization calendar marks 2012 as the beginning of a new era, indicating that a new age, already being felt Yucatan, is about to begin - a new age of change and prosperity in which we, Mexicans, have put so much hope.

She added that the port of Progreso is Home Port for international cruise ships and in four years has been visited by more than 525 cruise ships and more than 1,167,000 tourists.

She further stressed that Merida is experiencing an enormous expansion in its hotel infrastructure, placing it as one of the main cities in Mexico for convention tourism.

The Secretary of Tourism of the Federal Government, Gloria Guevara Manzo, in her turn and at its proper time, declared support for the presentation made ​​by the governors of Campeche and Yucatan, respectively, assuring that these actions and activities strengthen promotion of tourism to Mexico in the American market.

She detailed that during the celebration of “Mexico Day”, leaders of the U.S. tourist industry met with tour operators, wholesalers and travel agencies.

The head of the Secretariat of Tourism (Secretaría de Turismo or SECTUR) explained that Mexico has more than three thousand years of history, and is one of the most bio-diverse nations, since it has the best beaches in the world, and with more than 30,000 archaeological sites ranks first in archaeological reserves, and has 110,000 historical monuments.  

Gloria Guevara pointed out that Mexico ranks first in SPAs worldwide, is second as far as luxury tourism, and Mexican cuisine is an Intangible Cultural Heritage, among many other attractions.




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