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What should I include in a construction project contract?

We recommend at least including the following clauses in the Construction Project Contract:

a)  Object.

b)  Consideration. Terms under which the project will be paid.

c)  Project Deadline.

d)  Acts of God or Force Majeure Situations (for example, effects of weather conditions).

e)  Person in charge of obtaining permits, licenses, authorizations and effecting payments.

f)   Plans, Projects and Budget. We recommend attaching these to the Construction Project Contract.

g)  Extraordinary and Additional Work.  Their form of approval, which we recommend always be in writing.  

h)  Contractual Penalties and Interest. The parties should agree on the penalties the "contractor" will incur for delay in completion and delivery of work, as well as the interest to be covered by the project "owner" for untimely payment.

i)   Causes for Rescission/Cancellation and Completion of Project Work.

j)   Domiciles for Service of Process.

k)  Governing Law.  Usually, the parties agree to the governing legislation existing in the location of the project.


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