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New security regulations for places where a mass gathering of the public exists

Mayor Angelica Araujo Lara reported that there will be a new regulation for casinos, restaurants, discotheques, stadiums, entertainment venues and all those places where the public gathers in mass in order to ensure greater security and safety and thus prevent tragedies.       

In an interview, the mayor pointed out that the current regulation has many differences and/or gaps, "…it is old and should be updated; we are working with the Secretariat of Municipal Urban Development in order to submit such for approval to the Cabildo (council, or a municipal administrative unit governed by a council) this coming October”.      

She further highlighted that although currently the regulations apply to all public and private establishments, the idea is to create a regulation for specialty establishments with their own internal conditions, such as restaurants, nightclubs, discos, bars, taverns, casinos, convention centers and stadiums.

The mayor added that this also includes commercial chains that welcome hundreds of people every day, as well as parking lots, nursery schools, cinemas, and other sites where there is mobilization or involvement and mass gathering of the public.     

“Even more than the fines and other sanctions that can be administrative, it is necessary they improve every aspect of Civil Protection; what is important is that there exist emergency exits as well as trained personnel in case of accidents”, she emphasized.     

The mayor elaborated that the economic sanctions for breaches in the new municipal regulation will likewise be specified, applying fines per the minimum wage in force for those who do not meet the minimum security and safety measures.

She added that the review conducted in local casinos revealed the absence of security and safety measures such as the lack of signage and emergency exits, as well as updating or refurbishing fire extinguishers, among others.    

She went on to note, “Fortunately, no serious situation exists but the observations were made as well as recommendations for immediate correction”.     

She made clear that the review at the casinos is periodic, but the unfortunate incidents that occurred at the Casino Royale in Nuevo Leon called for a need to intensify monitoring and civil protection measures at these sites where thousands of people turn out.


Source: Diario de Yucatan 


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