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Security and Safety Conditions in Yucatan Attract North American Investors

Security and safety conditions, as well as the peace and quiet enjoyed and embraced in Yucatan, are extremely attractive to North American investors who are seeking to expand in the state, thus generating jobs, said Gregory Salas, United States Consul in Merida.  

He pointed out that more than two North-American manufacturing maquiladoras** established business in Yucatan this past year, and others have expressed a potential expansion into Yucatan territory in 2012.

He clarified that the great sense of insecurity and the climate of violence that exists in other parts of the country unfortunately keep entrepreneurs at bay, and not only those from his country but from elsewhere as well.

According to Salas, the United States Embassy has listed Yucatan as one of the safest and peaceful states in Mexico, reporting those states that are not safe for vacationing.

With the approaching Easter vacation in April there will be an important influx of tourists to Yucatan from my country, as well as travel to Quintana Roo and Campeche, he added.

What’s more, he noted, over 2,000 North Americans live in the state and more than 1,500 come to vacation in the ports located in the state, particularly in the winter.


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