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Coming Soon: New Pedestrian Pier in Progreso

The bid opening last Wednesday for the construction of the wooden Pedestrian Pier that will connect to the East Pier and the International Pier of Progreso, signals a boost in tourism and economic development for this point of the Yucatan coast, reported the Department of Public Works. 

The state Agency said the decision will be made within 15 days, and while onsite construction will not be immediate, construction-work projects will begin immediately on such date at the sawmills for the cutting of the planks and piles that will be required.

The director of the Institute for Construction and Maintenance of Public Works in the State, Jorge Quijano Lizama, pointed out that they already have the resources and permits for the development of the construction-work projects from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Spanish: Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, abbreviated SEMARNAT) and the Port Authority (Spanish: Administracion Portuaria Integral, abbreviated API).

The official specified that such work will not affect port services, given that 90 percent of the construction will be done at sea.

This wooden pedestrian pier connecting the previously-mentioned piers will be built on a 2,529 square-meter surface area and will call for 564 wooden piles of more than five meters in length, benches of the same material for resting, minipost-type and floor lighting fixtures, polished aluminum handrails and vegetation.

The construction connecting the two piers will allow for building only one: the International Pier in Progresso with a length of two kilometers and 200 meters of coastline, with construction and services, which will be a major attraction for local, national and international tourists.

Progreso is located on the Gulf of Mexico in the northwestern part of the state of Yucatan, 36 km north of Merida.

With the construction of Puerto de Altura, a unique maritime installation consisting of a viaduct that delves into the sea 6.5 km. to gain depth and allows the berthing of ships with a draft of up to 34 feet, Progreso as an important fishing-industry base has now become a strategic center for Yucatan Peninsula exporter and importer logistics.  

Cargo-laden containers leave Progreso world-bound and arrive from abroad distributing their goods on the Yucatan Peninsula as well as other nearby places.

Progreso is also a thriving tourist port.  There are large cruise ships that currently have Progreso as a port of call and typically stay in the port for anywhere between 24 to 36 hours. Passengers disembark at Puerto de Altura and are taken to visit the port of Progreso, Merida, Izamal, or the Maya archaeological sites of Chichen Itza, Uxmal and Dzibilchaltun.

During July and August the beaches are very crowded with thousands of tourists, especially local tourists. These are the months of choice for the Yucatan families wishing to spend the summer at the beach, with Progreso being one of the favorite sites.


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