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Merida Museo del Mundo Maya Progresses

Museography specialists associated with world-class projects have initiated work inside the Merida Museo del Mundo Maya (Merida’s Maya World Museum), and already evident are the positive strides being made on replicas of the facades for the main buildings of Ek Balam and Calakmul, which will be one of the site’s attractions; as such, attention to every last detail is crucial.  

Construction, both inside and outside, is ongoing at the Merida Museo del Mundo Maya, which will house a part of the Maya culture legacy very soon, and work is going according to schedule. The Museo del Mundo Maya will be located off to one side of the Yucatan “Siglo XXI” Convention Center.

The permanent-exhibit Showroom (Sala de Exhibicion Permanente), consisting of Ethnography, History and Archaeology sections, will provide the visitor with more insight into the Maya “cosmovision” or world view.

It was also explained that this showroom will give visitors the opportunity to gain media experience on the Mayan culture – an experience that will single out this Museum worldwide.

The steel-frame assembly and underpinning (bracing or shoring-up) of the elliptical Ceiba can be seen, such being the primary, landmark building for the museum that will house the main lobby, the exhibit showroom, the large-scale and multiple-use halls, as well as areas for sweet/confectionary shops and ticket offices/booths.

The final details are being fine-tuned at the entrance of what will be the main concourse, which will resemble the one located at the Nunnery Quadrangle (Cuadrangulo de las Monjas) in the ancient Maya city of Uxmal.


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