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September - Will and Testament Month

We must leave behind the myths surrounding a Will and Testament, since they are not an omen of death nor are they only for those with high purchasing power; on the contrary, they should be considered an act of love and protection for loved ones, and now during the month of September drafting your last will and testament, certified before a notary, will cost only $1,250 pesos.

Remember that in the state of Yucatán, every month is considered a month for drawing up your “Will and Testament” thanks to the “Inherit” program, in which those with an income not to exceed $12,000 may clearly place on record before a notary their last will and testament for $1,000 pesos.

Thus announced Pablo Castro Alcocer, the director of the Instituto de Seguridad Jurídica Patrimonial del Estado de Yucatán, or INSEJUPY (Institute for Patrimonial Legal Certainty**), at a press conference, where he called on the people to secure the fate of their estate (personal wealth) regardless of their age or the amount of their assets.

From 2007 to July of this year, 19.909 people made their Will and Testament: 79% (15,721) did so with a notification of Will and Testament, i.e. prepared and certified before a notary; and the remaining 21% (4,188) were done in their own handwriting (i.e. holographic).  The months of September during the same period recorded 4,549 people who drew up their Will and Testament; of those, 1,481 were holographic, and 3,068 were drawn up before a notary.  As far as the "Inherit" program, 660 people took advantage of the opportunity to draw up their last will and testament for $1,000 pesos.  

This year, 100 state notaries will again reduce their fees in order to facilitate executing a Last Will and Testament for interested parties.  If you do not already have a notary, we can assist you.

For an Open Public Will and Testament, the following is required:

  • to be of sound mind,
  • to be of legal age,
  • three (3) witness,
  • identification of witnesses and testator.

In the case of a holographic Will and Testament presented for deposit, the following is required:

  • to know how to read and write,
  • to be of sound mind,
  • to be of legal age,
  • to submit your will and testament in two counterparts drafted in your own handwriting, each of which shall be deemed an original copy,
  • original and copy of Birth Certificate,
  • a CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población, translated as Unique Population Registry Code or Personal ID Number),
  • a copy of a photo ID, and
  • to pay the fee of $212 pesos.

All this is done at the Notarial Archives, located on Calle 90 No. 498 letter "A" between Calle 61- A and Calle 63, Col. Bojorquez.



** In essence, the assurance given to the individual by the State so that the person, their property (assets, net worth, equity, inheritance) and their rights are not violated

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