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Gary De Spiegelaere of Celestun Properties (Canada)

We have been using the legal services of Alonso Hernandez since Dec /2006.

He has always done a professional job for us and has represented us on over 40 land transactions, as well as other legal matters.

He has always been willing to go the extra mile and I feel, really cares for a client, not just as a client but also as a person.

He has surrounded himself with a knowledgeable support team that he can rely on for their best efforts and their individual specialties.

We would recommend Alonso to anyone that wants things done in Mexico, the right way. The laws in Mexico are very complex and require the efforts of a person who has not only a complete knowledge of the regulations but also has integrity.

If you have any others question, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information at celestunproperties@hotmail.com

Gary De Spiegelaere, a Canadian living full time in Celestun, Yucatan.