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The Yucatan Compass Consulting (YCC) team has been striving, over these past months via weekly publications, to provide its clients and readers with useful legal and accounting information, as well as newsworthy topics considered to be of interest, including: safety/security, tourism, investment and in general, everything relevant that happens in Yucatán and Mexico. 

We have classified said publications as follows:

  • News - Articles obtained from or inspired by both regionally and nationally-renowned newspapers. Each week we extract newsworthy items covering various topics that we believe may be of interest to you, including: safety/security, tourism, investment, new regulations and laws, everything about Yucatán and Mexico.

  • What You Should Know - Articles written by lawyers, accountants, administrators or managers and marketing specialists. Each week a certain member of the YCC team shares his/her knowledge by writing on a specific topic that we believe may be useful to our clients and readers, as they cover the following: buying a property, immigration proceedings, living in Yucatán, taxes, legal services, foreign trade and marketing, among others.  
  • What Our Clients Ask - Questions submitted by our clients and answered by the YCC team.  Here we publish our responses or clarifications to questions that have come up from our clients.  With the permission of our clients, these are published on our website in order to help those readers who ever have had the same question(s) or those who find themselves in a similar situation.

Recently, we premiered a section on the YCC page for you, the readers, to approach our team and send us your questions, and we will make sure they are answered as clearly as possible.

The purpose of this article is to invite you to give our services a try via this question module, which you will find in the left-hand column of the page.

The questions can be on such issues as those related to real estate, investment, business, labor and corporate matters, contracts, taxes, foreign trade, finance and marketing.

We invite you to take part by also getting in touch with us as far as any suggestions you have with respect to information published on the page. Ultimately, the objective of our articles is that they be of use to you.  That being said, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Need more info? Contact us! We will be happy to assist you.