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Can I import a car into Mexico if I enter Mexico as a tourist with a Multiple Immigration Form?

Yes, there is no obstacle whatsoever. However, in accordance with Rule 4.2.7 Fraction IV, sixth paragraph of the Fourth Resolution of Amendments to the General Rules on Foreign Trade for 2010, published in the Official Gazette on May 27, 2011, the period of validity for the temporary import permit of the vehicle shall be evidenced with the official documentation issued by the immigration authority, without requiring authorization from the customs authorities, even if and when the importer has obtained a change in migratory status from nonimmigrant to inmigrante rentista (a “longer-term immigrant”, i.e., a foreigner who is a legal Mexican resident with a foreign income ), the temporary import permit will remain valid provided that there is continuity in the immigration statuses; furthermore, within the 15 days following that date in which the extension time period, extension, renewal or change in migratory status is authorized, and in order that the guarantee (security deposit) provided under the terms of this Rule, you must present written notice evidencing said situation to the customs authority in the county or to the ACOA,  attaching a copy of the proof of said transaction as well as the temporary import permit for the vehicle. 

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