Escrow Agreements & Title Insurance

As is widely known, Yucatan has become a real estate hotspot for Americans,Canadians and Europeans. Cheaper prices, better climate and more buying options have lured hundred of thousands of North Americans to the gateway to Yucatan, and Mexico in general.

When you purchase a property in a different country you will not be familiar with their real estate laws. Therefore, the logical step is to contract a reliable broker who will guide you through all the steps to buying your dream holiday home. But with Mexico’s real estate market growing at a rapid rate, there is always the danger of dubious firms taking advantage of foreign buyers especially who do not speak Spanish.

There are two important legal arrangements to cover you in case of getting swindled. One is Title Insurance which ensures that your new property belongs to you, and that you are protected against future claims on the property related to past matters.

We take care of Title Search and Title Examination before passing the Title Insurance services to one of our associated insurance company.

The second is third party Escrow. The Escrow Service consists of a fund management agreement for a real estate transaction under the responsibility of an impartial third party, who shall disburse such funds in accordance with the instructions previously agreed to by the parties and provided in writing to the Escrow Agent.

In other words, the Escrow agent will never relinquish that money to the seller until you have the protocolized deed by the notario publico and the transfer of the real property interest. This is when you truly own the home you bought and not when you have been given the keys.

We offer you the Escrow Agreement Service.